"Time to put you in your Big Box Value Meal"

Captain Chalupa \ Cast


Cast (in order of appearance)

Narrator John Cybulski
Value Destroyer Brian Akerson
Mexican-Inspired Minion #1 Prince Cassell
Mexican-Inspired Minion #2 Lee Timmen
Karen Walters Herself
Greg Creed Himself
Greg’s ‘American’ Accent Garrett Keith
Panicked Teammate Robert Guerrero
The IT Crowd Themselves
Gordita Girl Anjali Shenai
Captain Chalupa Chris Pizula
Commissioner Charles Lee


Producer Brandie Bedell
Cinematography Neil Williams
Guest Cinematography Jose Dacio
Art Director John Cybulski
Film Editing Robert Francke
Wardrobe/Make-up Brandie Bedell
Script and Direction Chris Pizula
Website development John Cybulski
  Jose Dacio
  Neil Williams
Creative Team Brian Akerson
  Brandie Bedell
  Prince Cassell
  John Cybulski
  Jose Dacio
  Garrett Keith
  Chris Pizula
  Anjali Shenai
  Lee Timmen
  Jamie Walling
  Neil Williams